Renewable Energy Resources-Questions and Answers

We polled Nebraska Extension Educators to learn what questions they received related to renewable energy.

With the record-setting heat and drought in 2012, its no surprise that alternatively powered irrigation pumps were a popular topic. But Nebraskans were curious about a wide range of other energy issues as well, with conservation andsolar and wind energy systems topping the list. Check out the complete survey results.

Not surprisingly,these interests echoed the topics favored by farmers in our Small Farm Energy Project back in the late 1970s. Energy trends and costs rise and fall, but saving money with smarter energy use is always popular.

Over half the Extension Educators who responded to the poll said they were `unsure´of where to find answers to the questions they were being asked. So we asked other Extension Educators, industry representatives, and farmers about where they find information.

Our collected results include resources on Financing, Government/Industry, Information/Technology, and Experiences/Education. The list includes both Nebraska and national resources. Highlights are the videos and stories of farmers´ own experiences with energy conservation and on-farm energy production.

See our first groundbreaking report on energy conservation - the Small Farms Energy Primer here.

The Center for Rural Affairs is interested in connecting farmers with best energy practices. If you have helpful resources or your own stories to share, let me know! Send an email to