Transmission and Your Business

When something as big as a new transmission line is being built in your area, you won’t be blamed for asking a few good questions.  Where will the line be located? Do I have any say in the process? How will this project improve my community?

Fortunately, the Center for Rural Affairs understands your concerns. Clean Line does too. That’s why they’re holding a round of open houses to introduce the Grain Belt Express.

While this isn’t the first meeting designed to introduce the project and answer your questions, Clean Line has added a new twist. This time the open house will focus on business opportunity along the route.

Do you have a small business that might benefit? Perhaps you’re a contractor, a supplier, or provide a service critical to the siting and construction process. If so, there’s a good chance that Clean Line wants to hear from you.

While clean energy transmission can give rise to plenty of questions and more than enough complaints, it can also be a positive for you and your community. Transmission enables new wind generation, which adds jobs and boosts county-level income. Construction of the line will require local workers and locally sourced goods. This project alone will provide more than 5,000 jobs to construct the transmission line and wind farms and more than 500 permanent jobs to maintain and operate them.

The open houses are taking place June 25th through the 27th in Mexico, Moberly, Chillicothe, and Hannibal. Visit to learn more.