Opinions Wanted: Would You Grow Trees to Capture Carbon if Paid?

Iowa State researchers are recruiting for farmer/rancher focus groups to offer opinions on appropriate use of 'marginal lands' for biofuel crops, agroforestry (windbreaks and more), and carbon sequestration in the Great Plains. Experience with trees on your farm or ranch is desired (yes, cedars are trees!).

Researchers want to know what you think about diversifing your farm income and enhancing environmental quality by producing biomass from agroforestry practices. They'll also ask how you would decide to participate in such practices.

Two focus groups per state will meet with researchers in August and September; locations and times determined by the participants. A stipend of $100 is offered. Four states are part of this project: NE, SD, ND, KS.

Additional information on the project is here. Or you can contact Ashley Hand to learn more, amhand@iastate.edu or 515.294.9845.