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Making a Living, Making a Life

By Aubrey Streit Krug

As I intern at the Center for Rural Affairs, I’m learning about how the agricultural economy we have now is not inevitable. It can be changed.

Our ag economy is human-made. It’s been shaped by incentivizing and spurred by subsidies. It’s a sticky global system that often entangles the small and leaves loopholes for the large. It’s a way only a few people can make a living. For people in rural places--and for me, as a person with roots and family in a rural place--it’s at the root of dramatic conflicts.

Take these two scenarios:

Across the Nation

Arizona: Students in the Vail School District, which covers 500 square miles in rural southern Arizona, face a long commute to school, with some students riding the bus for over two and a half hours each day. In response, the Vail School District installed Wi-Fi routers on some busses that jump from cell tower to cell tower during the ride. The students are able to connect to the internet the entire way, except when they travel through a high mountain pass on the route.

Green Means Grow

By Lance Evans

About a week ago I spent a good chunk of my Saturday assembling a secondhand playground set for my two nieces. Although it took about twice as long as it should have, it was pretty enjoyable.


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