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Rural Broadband in Nebraska

Many parts of Nebraska, from the Omaha metro to the panhandle, are faced with slow and unreliable connections. For those left offline the missed opportunities continue to build. Here, we've mapped some of the issues facing rural residents and communities.

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Medicaid expansion enrollment begins Aug. 1

Nearly two years after voters approved a measure to expand Medicaid, Nebraskans will finally start to see the benefits take shape.

Enrollment will begin on Aug. 1. Eligible applicants must have an annual income at or below 138 percent of the federal poverty level, which is roughly $17,000 for an individual or $35,000 for a family of four. Additional circumstances, such as a health condition, dependents, or valuable assets, could alter eligibility.

COVID-19 pandemic displays importance of Medicaid expansion

Major crises often expose the weaknesses that have been in our system for a long time. 

Before the COVID-19 pandemic began putting substantial stress on the health care system, it was already under pressure. Hospitals and other medical facilities across the country have faced budget shortfalls, and the costs of health insurance and health care have been increasing significantly for years. This leaves uninsured individuals who cannot afford medical care out of pocket waiting until pain is unbearable before heading to the emergency room.

Health care in rural America—sacrificing to survive

Driving two hours for routine health care check-ups may seem absurd to most people, but for those living in small, rural communities throughout the U.S., this is their reality. With the nearest hospital potentially hundreds of miles away, those in rural communities do not receive equal access to quality medical treatment.


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