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Midlands Voices: Bill can boost rural broadband in Nebraska communities

With strong support from the Nebraska Legislature’s Transportation and Telecommunications Committee and State Sen. Tom Brandt of Plymouth, a bill to improve broadband access in our state is scheduled to be debated on Tuesday.

Legislative Bill 996, Brandt’s priority bill for this session, is a critical step in making our state compatible with a new federal broadband expansion program. In doing so, LB 996 opens the door for a greater share of federal funds directed at financing broadband expansion in unserved areas.

Small business matters in Nebraska

Nebraska is home to 145,000 businesses with five or fewer full time-equivalent employees,  accounting for 86 percent of all enterprises in the state. 

From Omaha to Imperial, approximately 24 percent of Nebraskans are employed by these operations. 

With the Nebraska Legislature expected to resume debate this session on Legislative Bill 720, which would create a new batch of business tax incentives for large employers, a much different conversation is taking place inside the Revenue Committee.  

Nebraska Unicameral Update - Jan. 28, 2020

Today is day 13 of the Nebraska Legislature’s “short,” 60 day session. The 10 day bill introduction window ended on Jan 23. The Legislature is tentatively scheduled to adjourn on April 23, 2020.

Each of the 482 new bills introduced during the second year of the biennium will be heard before one of 14 standing committees between now and Feb 27. There are also 481 carryover bills from 2019 that may be voted out of committee and/or brought to the floor for debate.

Can’t make the hearing in Lincoln? 6 steps for weighing in on legislation

Nebraska residents are often referred to as the second house of our unique unicameral legislative system. Recognizing the importance of constituent voices in the legislative process and the long distances some must travel to appear before a legislative committee, rules now allow letters of testimony to be submitted and included as an exhibit in the official hearing record, permitting participation in the process—even if you are not able to travel to Lincoln.


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