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Iowans asked to weigh in as part of Our Iowa, Our Water Survey

Every Iowan lives in a watershed and, for years, rural Iowans have grappled with challenges posed by intense flooding and poor water quality. At the Center for Rural Affairs, we believe rural people should have a seat at the table where decisions are made that impact their communities—water management decisions are no exception. 

Will you take a few minutes to complete the Our Iowa, Our Water Survey so we can better advocate for rural Iowans as lawmakers at all levels work to address flooding and water quality concerns?

Iowa Legislative Update - March 10, 2020

Things have been moving quickly in Des Moines. We have continued to track dozens of bills through subcommittee meetings, committee votes, and floor action in both the House and the Senate. 

As we weigh in on legislation ahead of the second funnel deadline on March 21, we want to hear your thoughts. We have registered for, against, or undecided on more than two dozen bills which relate to water quality, renewable energy, economic development, and more. One notable update for you is that the “solar bill,” Senate File (SF) 583 (see below), passed the House and the Senate unanimously last week—it currently awaits Gov. Reynolds’ approval.

Iowa bill to boost state sales tax would help with conservation

DES MOINES, IOWA— Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds is trying to build support for a 1-cent sales-tax increase that would help fund conservation programs. It's a tough sell in the Legislature, but some groups are throwing their support behind the plan.

A portion of the tax hike would fulfill a 2010 constitutional amendment to the Iowa Water and Land Legacy trust fund. No money has been added to the fund since it was created, leaving rural areas to struggle with the effects of climate change.

Iowa Legislative update - Feb. 11, 2020

We are now entering the fifth full week of the 2020 legislative session. As legislators, agencies, the governor’s office, and committees have worked to introduce and review legislation, we’ve been engaging with them to make sure rural Iowans have a seat at the table. In all, we have registered for, against, or undecided on 19 bills which relate to water quality, renewable energy, economic development, and more.

As bills are introduced in the next few weeks, I will keep you informed on our lead initiatives and other key legislation we are following. For more updates and questions, or to get involved, please reply to this email or contact me at codys@cfra.org.


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