Staff spotlight: Eunice encourages inclusion in rural America

Though she was born and raised in a metropolitan area, Eunice Ramirez feels more at home in rural America.

“I was raised in a big city where farming and small town areas were things I only read about in books,” Eunice said. “My first visit to Nebraska was back in 2000. I fell in love with the small town feel, where everyone waved hello.”

The El Paso, Texas, native recently joined the Center for Rural Affairs team as an inclusion assistant, a position she’s passionate about.

Iowa Nice shines through following derecho

Aug. 10, 2020, is a day I will never forget. A storm with winds comparable to an inland hurricane, called a derecho, blew through the corn belt and hit Iowa from west to east along U.S. Highway 30 at varying intensity, causing damage to homes, buildings, and crops.

There are many details that will stick with me, including watching a tree fall on my house and a limb coming through the ceiling and into my kitchen. But most of all, I will never forget how Iowans reacted in the aftermath of the storm. 

Contest aims to get more local produce into school cafeterias

Nebraska will be defending its regional title in this year's Crunch Off competition, where schools across the nation devour locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables.

Justin Carter, project associate with the Center for Rural Affairs, is encouraging all school districts, and even families if kids are learning remotely, to sign up and start planting. On Oct. 22, kids will take bites of their favorite produce, and the state with the most "crunches" per capita wins.

How could risk management options improve for farmers selling to local markets?

The 2018 farm bill required the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to solicit feedback from farmers about how crop insurance could better serve non-traditional folks. 

There are still a few listening sessions you could call into—check out the full schedule here. USDA has contracted with the firm Agralytica to conduct these listening sessions, and they are collecting your feedback. 


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