Entrepreneurs find success by breathing new life into old items

Like many locally-owned businesses in small towns, Old Cottonwood, in Utica, Nebraska, is more than just another store—it’s the hard work, dedication, and dreams of the owners coming to fruition.

From selling part-time in their online Etsy shop, to expansion into a brick and mortar store, owners Brent and Leah Daehling have run Old Cottonwood since 2005.

Speaking up for small farms in rural America

For almost four years, Anna Johnson has been the leader of the agricultural policy portfolio at the Center for Rural Affairs. Recently, she shared her thoughts on the Center’s agricultural policy development when she joined host Michelle Rathman on the podcast Rural Matters. The policy manager also gave her insights on the impact on small farmers due to COVID-19, among other topics.

Local foods producers invited to share feedback on crop insurance

Andrea Hartman contributed to this blog

For farmers and ranchers who sell to local markets, crop insurance options are limited. This leads many operations to forego crop insurance as a risk management strategy, or to only insure a portion of their crops.

If you are a local foods producer who would like to offer feedback or ideas about your crop insurance options, consider attending an upcoming virtual listening session.

Rural Broadband in Nebraska

Many parts of Nebraska, from the Omaha metro to the panhandle, are faced with slow and unreliable connections. For those left offline the missed opportunities continue to build. Here, we've mapped some of the issues facing rural residents and communities.

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