Working together, celebrating each other: a diversity and inclusion conversation

My hometown of Lexington, Nebraska, is beautifully diverse. We work side by side with various cultures every day from the bank tellers to the certified nursing assistants at our clinic. We see the rise of the immigrant and refugee entrepreneurial spirit when we drive our downtown streets. There is no hiding it, we are a very diverse city in rural Nebraska.

Iowa bill to boost state sales tax would help with conservation

DES MOINES, IOWA— Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds is trying to build support for a 1-cent sales-tax increase that would help fund conservation programs. It's a tough sell in the Legislature, but some groups are throwing their support behind the plan.

A portion of the tax hike would fulfill a 2010 constitutional amendment to the Iowa Water and Land Legacy trust fund. No money has been added to the fund since it was created, leaving rural areas to struggle with the effects of climate change.

‘Reclaiming Resilience’ at farming conference in Ames

We all want to be better stewards of the land. A great place to start is by forming new relationships with local farmers and partners at gatherings and conferences.

Annually, the Center for Rural Affairs staff attends the Practical Farmers of Iowa (PFI) conference. This year’s conference focused on “Reclaiming Resilience” and was in Ames, Iowa, from Jan. 16 to 18, 2020.


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