Now that the Finance Committee has officially come up with the cash for the farm bill (which we’ll analyze later), it appears that the number one priority of Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus will be included in the Senate version of the 2007 Farm Bill.  That priority, of course, is a permanent disaster program, and it takes about half of the $11 billion or so that the Finance Committee came up with for new farm bill funding.  Other Senators strongly supportive of the concept include Conrad (D-ND), Nelson (D-NE), Thune (R-SD), Dorgan (D-ND), C

The Future of Our Communities is in Our Hands

Entrepreneurship and microenterprise are crucial to the future of rural communities throughout America, and especially here in Nebraska. That is why we put so much effort into growing and expanding Marketplace, the entrepreneurial development fair that we hosted in early 2007 and are hosting again this winter.


As I mentioned earlier today, the other big issue facing the farm bill is timing. The Senate is stuck because of two things: They’re waiting for the money (see the earlier post) and there are some serious disagreements among the Agriculture Committee members. Those disagreements appear to primarily exist between Chairman Tom Harkin and Senator Conrad, but no doubt there are other Senators involved as well.

Development Matters – An Invitation

With your help we have worked tirelessly for over two years to secure farm bill victories for all of rural America – capping unlimited farm payments to the nation’s largest farms, providing family farm and ranch livestock producers access to a competitive marketplace, and investment in conservation and rural development based on proven strategies to revitalize rural communities.

We need your help, now, as we enter the final turn of the farm bill battle. We have ambitious goals for the coming year, $150,000 raised from individuals just like you. And we must raise every dollar we can in the next few months to finish the work we are doing.


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