Take the Next Step NPPD!

The coal-fired power plant north of Hallam, Nebraska, Sheldon Station, will undergo a partial transition from coal to an exciting and innovative power generation technology. Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD), which owns and operates the plant, plans to replace one of the existing coal-fired boilers at Sheldon Station plant with one that uses hydrogen fuel. This is great but it’s a ‘job half-done.’

We expect NPPD to carry this momentum forward and continue this commitment to rural economic development by investing in the vast resources we have here in Nebraska for energy production, create well-paying jobs for skilled workers, and protect our most vulnerable populations - children and the elderly - from a range of health issues exacerbated by harmful pollutants released by burning coal.

Contact your NPPD representative and voice your support for cleaner, more sustainable forms of power in Nebraska!

Doctor's Advice:

Act On Coal. Act On Health.