Center for Rural Affairs September and October 2016 Newsletter

Note from the Editor:

Since its inception, the Center for Rural Affairs has chosen to advance a set of values that reflect the best of rural America.

One is: “We value genuine OPPORTUNITY for all to earn a living, raise a family and prosper in a rural place.” 

Throughout this edition, you will see this value in action: opportunities in business, farming and rural development; opportunities for new immigrants; opportunities for fresh, nutritious food; and even an opportunity to own your own land. 

Our values are carried through all of our work, we hope you enjoy reading about just a sample of what we are up to.

Inside this Issue:

Improving Food Systems, Enhancing Lives: For 20 years, Sharon Freemont has wanted a garden, and with a little help from the Center for Rural Affairs, she finally has one. Sharon and other members of the Omaha and Santee Sioux Tribes are working hard to improve access to fresh, nutritious food grown in their own communities, often in their own backyards. And the Center is working alongside them.

Electrify the Economy: From the desk of the executive director. The transition of our economy from a reliance on fossil fuels will come with many challenges, but the opportunities - especially for rural people - are significant.

Immigrants and Latinos Bring Population Growth to Rural Communities: Both population growth and economic growth from new Americans comprise a two-fold boost to rural communities.

Hilda Considers Farm to School: Hilda Moreno and her husband, Carlos Alvarado Vega, are beginning Latino farmers. They wanted better, fresher food, so Hilda took the challenge to lead the change toward better food by growing it themselves. For a Spanish version of this story, click here.

Beginning Farmer and Rancher Farm Bill Priorities: Because the Farm Bill shapes the lives of rural Americans, the Center is committed to ensuring that rural Americans shape the Farm Bill. As we look toward a 2018 Farm Bill, here are some topics you can raise with your congress person in the coming year.

Local Food Trucks Dish Out a Rumble: Hundreds flocked to downtown Norfolk, Neb., on a warm Friday evening in late July for a taste of local food and local music. The focus? Food Truck Rumble. Seven food trucks, each an individual small business from the area, competed in the rumble. And, some of the businesses have worked with the Center for Rural Affairs’ Rural Enterprise Assistance Project (REAP).

Colorado Farm Opportunity: A retiring farmer and longtime friend of the Center is seeking a beginning farmer interested in living and working in scenic southwest Colorado.


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