Women's Learning Circle Case Study: Erin Schoenberg

Erin Schoenberg, co-owner of the Darlin' Reds, northwest of Lincoln, Nebraska, participates in our Women's Learning Circles. 

The Darlin' Reds motivation and practices:

  • Use only sustainable farming practices, with conservation as a priority.
  • Strive to show the community just how good local food can be.
  • Farming methods include careful planning, crop rotation, and cover crops.
  • Utilize soil amendments, such as manure, to improve soil quality and overall plant health.

On Women's Learning Circles: "Whether I’ve been to the particular site 10 times or if it’s my first, I am always fascinated to learn about how others set up and operate their businesses. It’s boundlessly good for the brain to be exposed to something outside the norm and for us to have conversations with people whose challenges may mirror or completely differ from our own."

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Women’s Learning Circles are based upon work that is supported by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, U.S. Department of Agriculture through the North Central Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program.