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Massive farm subsidy payments slow rural development in states

When you submit an opinion editorial for publication, you never get to choose the headline. Though I certainly can't complain about the headline that the Omaha World Herald chose to run above a piece written by Jon Bailey, Director of the Rural Research and Analysis Program here at the Center for Rural Affairs.

"Massive farm subsidy payments slow rural development in states" just about says it all. Nevertheless, anyone who didn't read further missed the best parts.

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In the Mood to Digest

Dairy Queen over at Ethicurean does such a good job of piquing our interest every week with her tantalizing leads to news, views, and commentary on food and agriculture, that she's inspired us to do some Digesting of our own. To our delight, Dairy Queen likes our Digesting, and has invited us to share her esteemed Digesting space. Here's the meat of the first edition: