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Kind Amendment Debate

Update #3: Kind amendment is defeated 309 to 117.

Update #2: Of course. They postponed the roll call vote on the Kind amendment. I guess other members won't be coming back to the floor anytime soon. It's possible we won't see any votes until tomorrow morning.

Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream

Update #2: After surviving a motion to adjourn forced by Republicans trying to slow the debate down, the House is now voting on the "rule." It is a 15 minute vote.

Update: Farm Bill Girl is live-blogging the debate too over at DKos.

Rep. Hastings asked for additional debate time. Denied.

While We Wait

The House Leadership is seemingly in no hurry to get this Farm Bill debate underway. They continue to debate an appropriations bill for the Departments of Commerce and Justice, and Science, and related agencies for FY 2008.

Act Now: A Critical Moment for the Farm Bill

We've written about it constantly since it happened. But let me put it plainly: last Wednesday the House Agriculture Committee struck a major blow to family farms by voting to increase subsidies to mega-farms.

When that happened, we asked you to write to Speaker Pelosi and tell her America expects real Farm Bill reform. Thanks to your efforts, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) will be allowed to bring an amendment to the House floor during debate on the Farm Bill this Thursday.

Slow This Train Down!

Yesterday, during the third and final day of House Agriculture Committee debate on the 2007 Farm Bill, Committee Chairman Collin Peterson announced that the bill may come before the full House earlier than anticipated - as soon as next week.

It's no wonder Chairman Peterson wants to move the bill to the House floor as quickly as possible. He's gotten nearly everything he wanted in the bill, and is eager to push it through the floor as quickly as possible.