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Recent posts by Cody Smith

Solar energy shines light on innovative rural development strategy

Across Iowa, solar is in the midst of an unprecedented industry boom. Installed solar energy has grown rapidly from two megawatts in 2012 to about 115 megawatts today, according to the Energy Information Administration. Meanwhile, there are several hundred megawatts worth of solar projects being considered by the Iowa Utilities Board.

Solar provides farmers with opportunity

Battling a tough farm economy and increasingly unpredictable weather, farmers are often looking for ways to reduce costs on their operations.

One strategy is leveraging the affordability of solar panels on farms, an idea that has been picking up steam in many rural areas.

Five social distancing activities that support rural Iowa

As each of us continues to adapt to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it has become abundantly clear—taking care of our community is a crucial component of our way of life in rural Iowa. I continue to hear stories of neighbors helping neighbors and families pitching in to lend a helping hand. This unprecedented situation has created real economic hardships for many rural Iowans, leaving many of us searching for ways to help out.