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Recent posts by Johnathan Hladik

Intern Louie Brings the Power

We extend a big welcome to Louie Nelsen, our new energy policy intern. Louie, fresh from the Nebraska Senate campaign, is a Wayne State College graduate and a Norfolk, Nebraska native.

He’ll spend his time doing research for our clean energy transmission database, penning outreach material related to clean energy, and organizing around transmission issues on a regional level.

We’re excited to have him on board. You can reach him at

Your Opinion: Clean Energy and Rural America

Your thoughts are important to us. They shape our work, shape our positions, and tell us where we need to improve and what we need to do better.

Ultimately, we’re an organization that relies heavily on our supporters, the average citizens of rural America, to let us know where we can be most effective and where we can make the biggest difference. It’s this partnership that makes the Center for Rural Affairs the best organization it can be.

Lame Duck: Level the Energy Playing Field

As we recover from the election season’s barrage of insults, advertisements, and acronyms, I don’t blame you if your eyes begin to glaze over when we mention the PTC. Unless you’re a career politician, we can all agree you’ve earned a bit of a break.

If you are a politician, though, you don’t get a break. It’s time for you to work. It’s time to extend the Production Tax Credit.

EPA Regulations Usher in Industry Change

Two new regulations handed down by the Environmental Protection Agency will have a significant impact on the energy industry in 2012 – and beyond.

The Clean Air Act is already one of the most successful public health programs in American history, with a return of more than $30 in benefits for every dollar invested in pollution reductions. In 2010 alone the program prevented an esti¬mated 160,000 cases of premature mortality, 130,000 heart attacks, 86,000 hospital visits, 13 million lost work days, and approximately 1.7 million asthma attacks.

Guest Post: Testimony in Opposition to the Keystone XL Pipeline

Today we're featuring a guest post by long time Center supporter Alvin Guenther. Alvin has spent a lot of time analyzing this issue, and it shows below. We'd like to hear about your testimony too. Send a copy to and let us know what you think.



                                                                          September 27, 2011

Thank you for the opportunity to give testimony.  My name is Alvin Guenther.  I am a retired Nebraska educator.  My 35 year educational career was at both the secondary and community college level.  My teaching endorsements were in economics, business finance and accounting.  I am currently living on the family farm/ranch raising Hereford/angus crossbred cattle.  I come before you today in opposition to the TransCanada Keystone Pipeline.