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Iowa's wind industry generates millions in tax revenue

As nearly 40 percent of Iowa’s energy needs are met by wind, communities that host renewable energy projects are generating millions in tax revenue.

Iowa has 7,312 megawatts of installed wind energy capacity through approximately 4,145 turbines. One project, MidAmerican Energy’s “Wind XI,” is estimated to generate $12.5 million in property taxes each year.

Electric and Magnetic Fields

The electric transmission grid is an essential piece of infrastructure. A robust transmission system is key to linking renewable energy generation from across the region to homes and businesses, while upgrades also
increase reliability of electric service. But, as the grid is updated, there are concerns about potential impacts to health and safety from electric transmission. One of the issues often mentioned is electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) emitted by transmission lines.

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Petersburg sees the potential in wind energy

New opportunities for growth can be difficult to find in a rural community. Bringing in economic development is key to the vitality of small towns, allowing local economies to thrive, and creating jobs in rural areas. Luckily, in Nebraska, we can take advantage of a growing industry that delivers a wide variety of benefits to communities around the state.