Veteran Farmers Project

Returning veterans and rural America can keep each other strong.

Garrett Dwyer: Veteran Farmer from Center for Rural Affairs on Vimeo.

The Veteran Farmers Project offers:

In the last 10 years, almost a million of our military’s servicemen and servicewomen have come from rural communities. As these veterans return home, they bring with them an opportunity to employ their passion, discipline, and sense of service to revitalize America’s small farms and rural communities.

America’s farmers and rural communities are aging, and few new farmers are getting started. By returning to their farming roots, veterans can carry on the proud tradition of small American family farms.

The Veteran Farmers Project provides veterans with the business and agriculture education that can help them become successful farmers. By creating sound farm businesses that tap into high value markets, returning veterans can reintegrate gracefully and fruitfully into America’s rural communities.


Get personalized professional assistance and counseling on farm production, business, financing, and more:

  • Production and marketing
  • Farm business development
  • Loan applications
  • Farm financial advising
  • State and federal financing and loan options
  • Land access strategies
  • Linking programs
  • Programs for disabled farmers

Contact the Veteran Farmers Project or for guidance in finding the programs, information, and organizations that can help new veteran farmers succeed.

  • USDA Farm programs: Wyatt Fraas, Center for Rural Affairs, 402.254.6893 or

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The Veteran Farmers Project is supported by the USDA Risk Management Agency.