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Stand with Veteran and Beginning Farmers to Pass the Farm Bill

“It’s time for Congress to step up to the plate, stop bickering and pass the Farm Bill,” says Garrett Dwyer.

In 2010, Garrett moved back home to the family ranch in the Nebraska Sandhills. A former Marine who served in Iraq, this cowboy knows something about “stepping up”.

He and his parents steward land that’s been in the family since 1894. Since joining the business, Garrett’s been hard at work updating the cow-calf operation with new equipment and facilities.

It All Started with Soup

Rebecka has a passion for healthy food.

A couple years ago, she started dehydrating vegetables from her garden, putting them into soup mixes and giving them to her family members. Word soon spread and Rebecka developed a small customer base. She remembers traveling to their first food show and selling out within hours.

“That’s when I realized we had a business,” she said. Soup ‘n More was born.

So Rebecka and her husband Allen converted the living room into a commercial kitchen. But they quickly outgrew the space. And that’s when they turned to REAP for help.

Too Tough to Go Hungry

The village of Cody, Nebraska (population 149) hasn’t had a grocery store in more than a decade. Located just minutes from the South Dakota border, in a county larger than the state of Connecticut, residents have to drive 76 miles roundtrip to find basic necessities.

But all that is about to change. After three years building the foundation – both literally and figuratively - Cody will have groceries again. But there’s a twist. Circle C Market will be a student-run, community-owned enterprise.


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