Get Ready to Get Screwed

I usually try to avoid making too many public statements about trade issues. There aren't many topics more inflammatory and more contentious than WTO and the Doha Round, and no matter what you say you're guaranteed to make somebody angry. Now that's all well and good when you're ticking off the corporate ag interests, but with trade you're just as likely to tick off your friends as you are your enemies. But I had to comment on this, because I think it holds a lesson for all of those who care about farm and rural issues.

Water Issues Abound

I just finished up writing a fairly wide-ranging article for our next newsletter regarding the sound management of water resources for rural and urban areas. And lo and behold what do I see on the web the very next day but this:

Mean What You Say

Despite passage by a significant majority in the Iowa Senate, SF 504, a bill that would have required meatpackers to purchase 25% of the hogs they slaughter in Iowa from independent producers in the cash market, died in a legislative subcommittee.  Senate President Jack Kibbie (D-Emmetsburg) introduced the bill in the Senate and urged passage to help preserve market access for independent hog farmers and competition in livestock markets.

Farm Bill Needs Payment Limits

Many young folks dream of farming and ranching. They have spent their lives watching their parents struggle to keep the farm so that one day they have something to pass down to their children.


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