Crop Insurance Resources

All farmers and ranchers have one thing in common: the need to manage risk, whether from weather, markets, or other forces. Crop insurance can be a useful tool for farmers and ranchers in managing risk.

But, there can be several reasons why many farmers and ranchers don’t buy crop insurance. Maybe they don’t feel like there is an option applicable to their operation. Maybe they don’t know how to find a crop insurance agent to work with, or don’t know what questions to ask when they meet with an agent.

New resources are available for farmers and ranchers from the Center for Rural Affairs on these and related topics. The Center can address questions about what crop insurance options are available, how crop insurance works, and how to decide which option is right for an operation. Farmers and ranchers are invited to call our “crop insurance helpline” to talk through these questions with our staff. Check out our fact sheets and recorded webinars on the topic below.

Please reach out to our crop insurance helpline with any questions: 402.687.2100

We have new fact sheets. Check them out:


Crop insurance for beginners

Do you ever wonder whether crop insurance is right for your operation? Are you new to farming and aren’t sure how crop insurance can help you? This webinar and fact sheet cover the basics of crop insurance for people new to farming: how to use it, when it’s useful, and how to learn more.

Read our Crop Insurance 101 fact sheet here.
Watch the webinar here.

Flexible crop insurance option, Whole Farm Revenue Protection

For many crops and livestock, it’s simply not possible to protect them with a crop-specific policy. What if there isn’t a crop insurance policy available in your county for the crop you’d like to cover? Luckily, Whole Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP) is a product that is available in every county, and will cover the revenue for your entire operation—making it possible to expand protection for your crops and livestock. This webinar and fact sheet explain about how WFRP works and how to use it.

Read our Whole Farm Revenue Protection fact sheet here.
Watch the webinar here.

Revenue insurance options for livestock

Livestock producers face high financial risks in ever-changing markets. To help producers mitigate these risks, the U.S. Department of Agriculture Risk Management Agency provides two revenue insurance product options: Livestock Gross Margin (LGM) and Livestock Risk Protection (LRP). Additionally, this webinar provides a brief overview of Whole Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP). This webinar and fact sheet provide a high-level overview of these insurance products for feeder cattle: how the products are used, where to purchase the products, and where to find more information.

Read our fact sheet on revenue insurance options for feeder cattle here.
Watch the webinar here.

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