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Recent posts by Brian Depew

A Sign of the Trouble with Crop Insurance in the Center’s Area

We clipped this ad from the local paper. This outfit seeks to “acquire” 5,000 acres of farmland in our home county. That will cost them nearly $50 million. They own 1,900 acres in the county now, and are connected to a “wealth management” firm in Omaha. They pay cash, and require existing tenant rights be terminated.

Des Moines Sues over Water Quality

Des Moines Water Works is suing several Iowa drainage districts under the Clean Water Act. The action has prompted handwringing among political and farm leaders in Iowa.

The implications of the debate reach far beyond state boundaries.

The lawsuit charges that upstream drainage districts are failing to properly regulate pollutants that flow from agricultural land into the Raccoon River watershed. Des Moines draws its drinking water from the river.