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Center for Rural Affairs September and October 2020 newsletter

Across the world, we continue to endure the coronavirus pandemic. Our work at the Center for Rural Affairs has evolved to support rural America through this time. One of the core values continuously on our minds is “CONSCIENCE that balances self-interest with an obligation to the common good and future generations.”

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Center for Rural Affairs July and August 2020 newsletter

The first value of the Center for Rural Affairs is “RESPONSIBILITY placed upon each of us to contribute to our community and society.” So, when COVID-19 hit the communities we live and work in, our staff each felt responsible to continue the work we do to support rural America.

Mid-March, each of us started working from our homes and we quickly pivoted to online technology. We postponed in-person learning circles, community meetings, small business trainings, and moved those to the internet.

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Center for Rural Affairs May and June 2020 Newsletter

The Center for Rural Affairs is committed to continuing our work for opportunity and justice for everyone in rural America during the rapidly evolving response to the coronavirus.

COVID-19 and the ripple effects will create new challenges for rural people and rural places. Our work may look different in the days ahead, but we will continue to serve our mission in all ways possible.

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Center for Rural Affairs March and April 2020 Newsletter

At the Center for Rural Affairs, we are happy to work with constituents like Max Wilson, who is featured on our front page. My colleague, Kate Hansen, first spoke with Max about his experience with the Conservation Stewardship Program. She told me she was so energized by his answer that he was on the top of her list to follow-up with so we can learn more.

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