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Ayuda adicional disponible para agricultores en el nuevo Programa 2 de Asistencia Alimentaria por Coronavirus

Traslado por Carlos Barcenas

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El Departamento de Agricultura de EE. UU. (USDA) abrió las solicitudes el 21 de septiembre para el nuevo Programa 2 de Asistencia Alimentaria por Coronavirus (CFAP 2). Este programa ofrece pagos a muchos agricultores y ganaderos por los impactos económicos causados ​​por el coronavirus.

Additional aid available for farmers in new CFAP 2

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) opened applications on Sept. 21 for the new Coronavirus Food Assistance Program 2 (CFAP 2). This program will offer payments to farmers and ranchers who may have suffered economic impacts caused by the coronavirus. 

Many farmers and ranchers are eligible to apply for CFAP 2. This includes row crop and livestock producers, as well as those who produce newly-eligible commodities such as broilers and eggs, additional specialty crops, and specialty livestock. Those who received support through the first CFAP program are also invited to apply. 

How could risk management options improve for farmers selling to local markets?

The 2018 farm bill required the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to solicit feedback from farmers about how crop insurance could better serve non-traditional folks. 

There are still a few listening sessions you could call into—check out the full schedule here. USDA has contracted with the firm Agralytica to conduct these listening sessions, and they are collecting your feedback. 

Questions to ask crop insurance agents during derecho cleanup

The derecho that stormed through central and eastern Iowa on Monday, Aug. 10, left many farmers reeling. Damage spans crop destruction, equipment and building damage, and prolonged power outages.

Most farmers who saw their corn and soybean fields snapped, flattened, defoliated, or otherwise harmed are looking at their options under federal crop insurance. The below advice is for farmers to consider.

Good news from the House of Representatives on 2021 appropriations

With the national focus on the widespread impacts of the coronavirus, the normal order of things has been thrown in disarray. Annual appropriations for agricultural programs is no exception. 

However, last week the U.S. House of Representatives finalized an important stage of moving forward on planning for agricultural program spending in 2021, and there were several wins for rural communities. While there are no signs yet about when the Senate will move on appropriations, this House bill is a good starting point.