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Recent posts by Anna Johnson

Your view: Safeguards needed so farms of all sizes can access federal assistance

From major weather events to trade wars, our country’s farmers and ranchers are no strangers to adversity. 

Today, like many others in the world, farmers and ranchers are facing a time of uncertainty as a result of the coronavirus global pandemic. 

Still reeling from the impacts of several years of low commodity prices, the coronavirus pandemic is now impacting agriculture on all sides and in all sizes of operation. Sobering reports keep rolling in. Commodity and beef prices dropping.

Estímulo económico - ¿que deben saber agrícolas familiares?

Al frente de la crisis de salud pública debido al coronavirus, el congreso aprobó un paquete de estímulo económico el viernes 27 de marzo, llamado el Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. La ley proporciona niveles sin precedentes de fondos de ayuda a individuos e industrias, incluyendo una variedad de apoyos para la agricultura.