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Recent posts by Rhea Landholm

Tell us why you Love Rural America

During February, we'll be sharing why we love rural America. We hope you'll join in by using the #LoveRuralAm hashtag on social media.

Take a photo, compose a poem, or write a story on why you #LoveRuralAm. Email or share it with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (@RuralNerd).

We’ve started with photos from our staff. Here’s the first six:

Nebrasqueños sin seguros médicos y la brecha de cobertura médica por condado

La encuesta sobre la comunidad Estadounidense de la Oficina del Censo de los EEUU, estima que alrededor de 201.000 Nebrasqueños no tienen seguros médicos, y 118.000 de ellos están empleados. Este mapa incluye tres estimaciones de la población: la cantidad de Nebrasqueños que están afectados por la brecha de cobertura, porcentaje de la población en edad laboral sin seguros médicos, y porcentaje de personas que están empleados sin seguros médicos.

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Annual Report 2016 - It's a 2017 Wall Calendar

Our 2016 annual report is a 2017 wall calendar. This calendar illustrates month-by-month the accomplishments you helped us achieve in the last year. With your help, new immigrants have a stronger sense of home in their new communities, more businesses are open in our small towns, and rural people across the country are making their voices heard. Your donations and your actions helped lift the future of the Center and the people we serve.

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Top 5 of 2016: 100 Years of Anti-Corporate Farming Laws

It's official! The first day of 2017 is here. What better way to kick it off than with a look at our most viewed post in 2016, authored by Brian Depew, our Executive Director. This piece is a throwback to a popular post Brian and past Executive Director Chuck Hassebrook wrote (so it's a throwback of a throwback). It takes a look at the importance of anti-corporate farming laws -- an issue that's an essential part of the Center’s history.