Census 2020: Why rural counts

By now, you have most likely received a postcard or letter in your mailbox inviting you to participate in the 2020 Census.

Set forth as an effort to count everyone in the U.S., the data collected as part of the census impacts everyone who is, or is not, counted. This includes babies and elders, citizens and non-citizens, urban and rural residents, and all other persons in between.

Iowa Legislative Update - March 10, 2020

Things have been moving quickly in Des Moines. We have continued to track dozens of bills through subcommittee meetings, committee votes, and floor action in both the House and the Senate. 

As we weigh in on legislation ahead of the second funnel deadline on March 21, we want to hear your thoughts. We have registered for, against, or undecided on more than two dozen bills which relate to water quality, renewable energy, economic development, and more. One notable update for you is that the “solar bill,” Senate File (SF) 583 (see below), passed the House and the Senate unanimously last week—it currently awaits Gov. Reynolds’ approval.

Pollinators film leaves audience wanting to talk to neighbors

A quality learning experience came from a winter night at the movies with a room full of new friends. Together with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Bee Lab, the Center for Rural Affairs was honored in January to host a crowd of pollinator-curious people at a theater in Lincoln. The special occasion was a screening of “The Pollinators,” a documentary followed by a question and answer panel, and loads of take-home materials and seed packets for attendees.


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